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Minimum supported Android version: 5.0 (API 21)

This is the usual version of the app, available also on the main blog page. It differs from the experimental builds below in the fact it doesn’t ship FFmpeg embedded (it will be automatically downloaded the 1st time the app needs it - i.e. for media conversions, as when “downloading” MP3s). This version may not work properly (due FFmpeg failing media conversions) in later versions of android, starting from v29. For those devices, the experimental builds must be used.

version: 7.5.4

universal release
file size: 4.4 MB
version code: 165
SHA1 checksum: b68167479c0972d87000482d25537e2e9c7d8eb0


Minimum supported Android version: 7.0 (API 24)

Those builds ships with a FFmpeg binary included, thus are bigger in size. This is needed, in some cases, for Android v29 and higher, in order to do media conversions (audio extraction, mp3 encoding, etc.). The only caveat is that you must know the type of CPU in your device. Incompatible builds will not work.
The most common CPU type is the arm64-v8a, second build down here.

version: 8.0.1

armeabi-v7a release
file size: 28.2 MB
version code: 100164
SHA1 checksum: 18776578d0fbc2d3ffebce4eb2fc5c586dcf5af2

arm64-v8a release
file size: 28.9 MB
version code: 200164
SHA1 checksum: 8d10b5371ee4101301e294fec9949fa48a87b2ac

x86 release
file size: 29.5 MB
version code: 300164
SHA1 checksum: 0bf214c5a4dc834747dd67754fb86e188ec3e5e9

x86_64 release
file size: 34.1 MB
version code: 400164
SHA1 checksum: e352e9f2da155ec1eaf62250ff728afb5941d274