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This App Has Been Discontinued

Hello guys, I wanted to notify you that the beta version available here will be the last version of YouTube Downloader. Feel free to use it until it works.

beta APK link


 v7.0 Beta 3 - Aug 20 2020
[x] new search feature, under the hood
[x] some other minor fixes
[x] Bulgarian translation added (incomplete)

I’m discontinuing the app. For various reasons (being other personal projects and family), I can’t either actively nor sporadically develop it anymore. This blog will remain up until the beta version will work. Then I’ll shut it down also.

I want to thank everyone for the support shown. If you donated something via PayPal, maybe recently, and you feel like you want it back, just drop me an email at the same Gmail address you used for the donation; I’ll be happy to refund it.

The Telegram channel and the support chat (now locked) will be removed soon. I also closed the related Twitter account.

Best regards,

Original Link:
If you want to reprint it, please do under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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