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YTD v6.8

Hi, a new version of YouTube Downloader for Android is available; please see the changelog below for info about what’s new.

 v6.8 - Dic 15 2019
[x] fix for age restricted videos (4)
[x] amoled-black and terminal-green app themes
[x] reverse default dashboard entries order (new on top)
[x] completed translations for Kurdish, Thai, Chinese, etc. 
    (thanks Cibranî, starwalking2017, candysweetplayzmc and all contributors @Crowdin)
[x] support for links
[x] fix live events detection (thanks @openeco)

To chat about the app, or ask for help (or if you want to report a bug, etc.), please have a look at the Telegram group:

A direct link to download this apk is Here.

Original Link:
If you want to reprint it, please do under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0