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YTD v6.7.3

A couple of new versions have been available recently, in preview, on the Telegram channel/group ( and and XDA. From now on, it will be possible tu update to the latest version 6.7.3 via the app also.

 v6.7.3 - Sep 14 2019
[x] fix language switching for all translations
[x] added Swedish translation (thanks @Granberg)
[x] translations clean-up

 v6.7.2 - Sep 12 2019
[x] alternate streams format support
[x] fix for age restricted videos
[x] updated translations (thanks guys @crowdin)
[x] add "copy video URL" to dashboard's long-press menu

A direct download link to the latest Apk is Here.

Original Link:
If you want to reprint it, please do under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0