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YTD v6.7 Beta 3

New beta with a couple of small improvements: age-restricted videos downloads has been fixed and now the app doesn’t crash on Android API 19 to 21.

 v6.7 Beta 3 - Jun 14 2019
[x] fix downloads for age restricted videos
[x] encrypted signature patch (19)
[x] add the "Music" standard download location
[x] get rid of any reference to 3GP (removed from YouTube)
[x] fix copy/move/import files for external sdcard in Pie
[x] fix download on extSdCard in JellyBean (thanks @User_99)
[x] do not trigger auto-extraction with opus (thanks @Philz7)
[x] increase max downloads threads to 8

Apk download link: [v6.7 beta 3] [link removed – old beta]

Original Link:
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