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YTD v6.6 Beta 3

Hello, with this beta I improved and adjusted to the code to handle encrypted signatures and the detection of free storage space, done by the app before downloading a file; there are also some updated translations (thanks guys for the help!).

(Note: I’m skipping here on the blog the n.2 for this beta series; it has been available only on Telegram for a few hours)


 v6.6 Beta 3 - Nov 25 2018
[x] improved encrypted signature handling
[x] improved free storage space detection
[x] fix downloads in Android Pie
[x] revised update routines, including:
    - fix apk downloads below Lollipop
    - fix apk installations above Oreo
[x] do not scan intermediate m4a files into the media library
[x] fix duplicated mp3 image tags into the media library
[x] add the 320k mp3 encoding option
[x] fix notification settings in API above Marshmallow
[x] update translations (thanks guys @GetLocalization!)

If you want to give feedback or just say hello, there’s also the Telegram chat

You can update via the app or alternatively use this link: [v6.6 beta 3][link removed – old beta]

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