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YTD v6.6 Beta 1

Hello! It was time to cleanup some part of the app, so I revised a few things that were not working as they should. I hope I’ve been able to fix everything, as noted in the changelog below; anyway, being more than a few part of the app that changed, I’m releasing this version as a Beta.

 v6.6 Beta 1 - Nov 19 2018
[x] revised update routines, including:
    - fix downloads below Lollipop
    - fix installations above Oreo
[x] do not scan intermediate m4a files into the media library
[x] fix duplicated mp3 image tags into the media library
[x] add the 320k mp3 encoding option
[x] fix notification settings in API above Marshmallow

Direct download link for this build: [v6.6 beta 1][link removed – old beta]

Let me know in the comments below or in the Telegram chat what do you think and if anything is wrong. Also, if you don’t mind, go take a look at the translation platform at GetLocalization: there are a few new strings that need some love :)

PS: Due to a bug (fixed in this Beta), if you have Android Oreo, will be not possible to install this version via the app itself: clicking on the notification or in the information dialog will have no effect. You have to navigate in your device’s Download folder and install the apk manually

PS_2: To test the update routine, obviously, another newer version is needed. Will be out soon enough.

Thanks, Bye!

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