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YTD v6.5

Hi. Double changelog this time!

 v6.5 - Nov 08 2018
[x] encrypted signature patch (17)
[x] fix copy/move/import files for external sdcard for API 26+
[x] add private external sdcard dir for download
    (WARNING: this folder will be deleted upon app's uninstall)
[x] do not send logcat if not on the latest version
[x] some updated translations

 v6.4 - Sep 07 2018
[x] filename fix for the "send via SSH" feature (thanks @RobinTPotter)
[x] send also 1080p and 480p downloads via SSH
[x] support for AV1/MP4 VO streams (download only; MUX not supported by FFmpeg)

Please take the time to read these two notes, especially the one in bold:

  • On KitKat and above, it’s possible to use the external (removable) sdcard as download destination, but that’s one caveat: only the app’s private folder will be available.
    IMPORTANT note: this folder will be deleted by the system (with all your downloads) if you uninstall the app. For the moment it’s not possible to choose a different directory on external/removable sdcards.
  • On Oreo and above, it seems that the notification preference (from the app’s own settings) has no effect: no matter what, the device will always ring with a notification sound upon app’s completed jobs (unless you disable all notifications from this app, from android system settings).

This release includes some minor changes from v6.4, that has been available only on Telegram:

Announcements channel (Announcements channel)

General discussion group (General discussion group)

Click here for a direct link to this version’s apk.

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