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YTD v6.0

Final version from the latest beta series… With its version number bumped to 6.0. Anyone, also who doesn’t have the beta upgrades enabled into settings, will be able to upgrade.

Note: There’s a small caveat for Android Oreo’s users: if upgrading from the latest stable version 5.4.1, the app will crash trying to install the newly downloaded package (I forgot to modify the method I use, in accordance to Oreo’s requirements). Not a big deal: just open the system Downloads app, click on the new YouTube Downloader apk and install right away.

This is the changelog – same stuff from the recent beta versions:

 v6.0 - Apr 18 2018
[x] support for age restricted videos
[x] support for HDR videos
[x] get rid of underscores in filenames
[x] don't show advertising links in search
[x] fixed notifications for android O+
[x] adaptive icon for android O+
[x] language change now works also for android N+
[x] drop support for android ICS (API 14/15)
[x] many translations updated (thanks XDA folks!)
[x] Telegram channel link into Social menu
[x] can change also album art when editing ID3 tags
[x] various maintenance fixes
[x] libraries updated

As always, this link will point to the latest build, for direct download and install (again, if you have Oreo, use this method to upgrade).

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