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YTD v5.5 Beta 6

Hello, another beta is ready. Now it’s possible to change the cover art when editing mp3s’ ID3 tags;
I also fixed other behaviours of the app in regards to copy/move of files and backup/restore of the dashboard, under Android Oreo.

 v5.5 Beta 6 - Apr 12 2018
[x] support for age restricted videos
[x] support for HDR videos
[x] get rid of underscores in filenames
[x] don't show advertising links in search
[x] fixed notifications for android O+
[x] adaptive icon for android O+
[x] language change now works also for android N+
[x] drop support for android ICS (API 14/15)
[x] many translations updated (thanks XDA folks!)
[x] can change also album art when editing ID3 tags
[x] various maintenance fixes
[x] libraries updated

Download link: v5.5 beta 6[link removed – old beta]

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