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YTD v5.5 Beta 2

Hello guys! Some new features are in the workings for this beta and for the subsequent stable version, if everything will be OK:

  • I had the opportunity to find the solution to a problem that many of you reported: downloading videos that YouTube blocks by default, unless you login (in order to verify your age). The feature is a bit experimental; it may somehow break, but for the moment seems to be quite stable. I still consider it a work-in-progress; I have to fix a couple of details (i.e. the exact behavior of the warning dialog box: I don’t like the “progress status” showed in background).

  • Support for HDR videos is coming. Also for this feature, there’s still some work to do: if you open the sliding menu on the Formats tab, for the moment the new filter HDR (but also UHD and 60 fps) is still a placeholder.

  • I’m thinking to use “normal” spaces to separate words in downloads’ titles, instead of underscores. I’m still not sure; I may create a preference for this.

Some more details in the changelog below:

 v5.5 Beta 2 - Mar 09 2018
[x] support for age restricted videos (experimental)(WIP)
[x] support for HDR videos (WIP)
[x] get rid of underscores naming downloads (WIP)
[x] don't show advertising link in search
[x] language change now works also for android N+
[x] many translations updated (thanks XDA folks!)
[x] various maintenance fixes

To download this beta, have a look at the in-app update section (scroll down the app’s settings, and remember to switch ON the preference activating beta updates).

You may also use this direct link to the apk: v5.5 beta 2 [link removed – old beta]

PS: A big thank you!!! to a new friend of mine, Yous, who helped me to fix a small issue with links and redirections (see: with the Octopress blogging framework I use for this blog.
You may want to take a look at his blog for a selection of interesting posts related to GNU/Linux OS and coding.

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