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YTD v5.4.1

Another new release is available; I tried to fix some old and new bugs I recently found, thanks also to the great support from the XDA forum members!


 v5.4.1 - Feb 22 2018
[x] properly remember dashboard sort preference
[x] properly recognize downloads' sizes
[x] fix for videos with only a single format available

A few images to show now what’s working OK:

  • dashboard sort preference:

YouTube Downloader for Android - properly working dashboard sorting option

  • downloads’ sizes:

YouTube Downloader for Android - size previously not showed YouTube Downloader for Android - size previously showed as 0

  • video with a single format available for download:

YouTube Downloader for Android - single format video

Apk download link here at this blog.

You can also use the in-app update available in the app’s settings.

Original Link:
If you want to reprint it, please do under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0