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YTD v5.2.3

Hello guys!
I’m sorry I haven’t been very active on this project in the latest months; you know, sometimes life bites. Luckily everyone is OK, it’s just a matter of “letting the pieces to match”, if you now what I mean. For me has been a lot of new commitments on my job and the process of moving the family to another place.

Back to the topic: I think I fixed the obnoxious bug claiming that a purchase would be required to download certain videos (actually, from a few hours, it seems that almost every video has this problem…).

So, this is the fixed version I posted on the XDA forum a few days ago; I also (finally) switched to Android Studio as IDE and this could have led to some rough edges. I’m working to fix some new warnings and compiling errors in those hours, so another version (hopefully more stable) is to be expected soon. Aas always, please don’t explicitly ask for ETAs; I’ll push it when it will be ready)

This is the short Changelog for the new version (you may notice that in between there was a v5.2.2, but it had the terrible bug of force-closing when sharing a video from YouTube or other apps to YTD):

 v5.2.3 - Jul 13 2017
[x] fix FC when sharing a video from YouTube

 v5.2.2 - Jul 9 2017
[x] fix for the wrong "purchase required" warning
[x] added Bitcoin donation option

As always, you can download the apk from this blog or you can use the in-app update from YTD’s settings.

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