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YTD v5.0 Beta 10

A new Beta for YTD is available. I only did some code cleanup and optimizations and, in additions, the two modifications noted below (*).


 v5.0 Beta 10 - Sep 05 2016
[x] [COMPLETED]: multi-threaded downloads
[x] [TO-DO]: global statistics in notification bar
[x] [COMPLETED]: redundant "clear Dashboard" button in action bar

[x] fix app crashes in Android N
[x] better preview thumbnail in Formats tab
[x] apply multi-threading also to the audio-only stream, 
    for videos requiring mux (480p and 1080p)
[x] fix for the "shared?ci=" link type
[x] fix for the progress bar during FFmpeg operations
[x] use correct file extension for opus formats
[x] support for ogg 4.0 ch. and m4a 5.1 ch. new audio-only formats
[x] do not block age-restricted videos anymore 
    (please note: only some of them will be available for download)

[x] better Search tab's results sorting dialog (*)
[x] prevent app's log from becoming too big (*)

[x] (note: resumed order by name in dashboard)

[v5.0 beta 10] [link removed – old beta]

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