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YTD v4.8.3 + v5.0 Beta 6

Two new versions for YouTube Downloader, stable and beta, are available due to a recent YouTube code change. Thanks again to gantt @Greasyfork for the help.


 v5.0 Beta 6 - Dic 20 2015
[x] [WIP]: multi-threaded downloads
[x] [TO-DO]: global statistics in notification bar
[x] [COMPLETED]: redundant "clear dashboard" button in action bar
[x] [WIP]: dashboard sorting options

 v4.8.3 - Dic 20 2015
[x] encrypted signature patch (13) (thanks gantt)
[x] better error handling if signature detection fails

Direct apk download links:

v4.8.3 [note: this link will always point to the latest stable version available]

[v5.0 beta 6] [link removed – old beta]

Note for the beta users: due to the WIP state of this build, downloading FFmpeg and the audio part for videos requiring MUX will show an indeterminate progress (I was working on this stuff when I had to push these two patched versions).

Original Link:
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