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YTD v4.8.2 + v5.0 Beta 5

With this new stable and beta versions, I’m adding another fix that has been discovered yesterday. In regards, I’d like to thank all the users/testers for their support and help (especially spotting new bugs!).
Although a bit slowly, I think we’ll come up with a better app.


 v5.0 Beta 5 - Nov 22 2015
[x] [WIP]: multi-threaded downloads
[x] [TO-DO]: global statistics in notification bar
[x] [COMPLETED]: redundant "clear dashboard" button in action bar
[x] [TEMP]: fix for showed total file size in Dashboard (thanks  KreNtal @XDA)

 v4.8.2 - Nov 22 2015
[x] support for 2160p/2304p MP4 VO streams
[x] do again broken mp3 conversions using the pause/resume menu item (thanks William K.)
[x] formats list bug fix for secondary streams (thanks dhuvy @XDA)

Both versions are available through the in-app update or via these links:

v4.8.2 [note: this link will always point to the latest stable version available]

[v5.0 beta 5] [link removed – old beta]

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