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YTD v5.0 Beta 2

I’m releasing today a new beta for the next version of YTD, implementing the long awaited multi-threaded download feature. This method permits to download files up to a 4x speed, because (depending of the user’s setting) every download will be divided into 1-4 chunks retrieved at the same time, thus maximizing the bandwidth available (and minimizing the throttle applied by the sending servers, depending on video format, popularity and other things).

The apk is available through the in app updates or via [link removed – old beta].
If you want to download and test it, remember to switch ON the preference activating beta updates, otherwise it will not be visible.


 v5.0 Beta 2 - Nov 11 2015
[x] [WIP]: multi-threaded downloads
[x] [TO-DO]: global statistics in notification bar
[x] [COMPLETED]: redundant "clear dashboard" button in action bar

Into the changelog above, every item is annotated with its progress state.

NOTE: Downloads requiring mux will work, as before, in two steps: initially the download of the VO stream starts (now in chunks) and after that the AO stream is retrieved (fixed in a single chunk). My next goal is to treat the AO stream as a chunk, so that will be downloaded together with the other ones. On completion, we’ll have the completed, muxed video, in a single pass.

IMPORTANT: change the setting as seen in the screenshot below, to actually enable the multi-threaded downloads feature; otherwise nothing will happen. Change the value from “1” to something higher.

set number of chunks

Please let me know in the comments how it goes. Thanks!

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