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YTD v4.7

Hello, a new build for YTD is available, moving all features tested into the latest beta into this stable version.


 v4.7 - Nov 1 2015
[x] new FFmpeg builds (from v2.8) extending support to 64bit CPUs
[x] force FFmpeg's version check when the ROM has been updated
[x] ask the permission to write on the sdcard (on M devices)
[x] fixed filechooser checkbox issue for multiple selection
[x] option to use wi-fi connection only

A lot of work has to be done, still. Probably development will slow down a bit due to many real life/job commitments, sorry. I really hope I’ll soon be able to post an initial beta from the multi-thread development branch. This will speed-up downloads up to 4X. But unfortunately the feature is not stable nor completed.

In the mean time, stay tuned, follow the XDA threads and, over anything else, I would like to thank everyone that is showing support through the PayPal donations. I really appreciate that.

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