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YTD v4.7 Beta-2

On the way to a proper Marshmallow-ready Android app, here there’s a new beta for the next 4.7 version of YTD.

This build addresses another couple of M-related issues, as the permission request to the user for writing on the memory storage (required for Android Marshmallow).


 v4.7 Beta 2 - Oct 10 2015
[x] new FFmpeg builds (from v2.8) extending support to 64bit CPUs
[x] force FFmpeg's version check when the ROM has been updated     <== M
[x] ask the permission to write on the sdcard (on M devices)       <== M
[x] fixed filechooser checkbox issue for multiple selection

Just a thought: I can imagine that item n.2 is a bit hard to test; I did something on the emulators, but this is it.

As always: this beta is available through the in app updates, from settings, using the [Include Beta updates]/blog/2014-07-15/new-beta-program-again/) preference checkbox, while [link removed – old beta] is the direct apk link.

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