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YTD v4.7 Beta-1

Today I’m releasing a beta version for YTD to test some new FFmpeg builds. The binaries have been updated to the latest version 2.8 of FFmpeg’s source and have been fine-tuned for Lollipop and M android versions, maintaining full compatibility and reliability (hopefully) with previous versions, down to ICS, that is the last API supported by YTD.

Also, devices with a 64bit CPU, both arm and x86, now can use the 32bit FFmpeg builds and do not appear as “unsupported” anymore (I simply made the 64bit CPUs to use the 32bit builds).

So, the short changelog is:

 v4.7 Beta 1 - Oct 3 2015
[x] new FFmpeg builds (from v2.8) extending support to 64bit CPUs

This beta is available through the in app updates, from settings, using the [Include Beta updates]/blog/2014-07-15/new-beta-program-again/) preference checkbox, while [link removed – old beta] is the direct apk link.

Although I thoroughly tested all builds on all supported SDK versions, be advised that we’re talking about a beta anyway; some rough edges are to be expected.

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