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YTD v4.5 Beta-3

A new Beta (number 3) for YTD version 4.5 is ready for download.

Use the app’s update section or [link removed – old beta].


 v4.5 BETA 3 - May 31 2015
[x] new and working integrated search (with filters menu)
[x] Bulgarian and Romanian translations (as WIP), many other updated
[x] do not try to download purchasable videos
[x] wrap extracted aac audio-only into an m4a container
[x] many libraries updated (OkHttp added)
[x] better error handling during update check
[x] showing time left for downloads based on network speed (*new)

In this beta: way faster search results with asynchronous 
"publishing dates" data filling (as an option).

Search-results sorting logic adapted to reflect this change.

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