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YTD v4.4

YouTube Downloader version 4.4 is finally available! Download it from this blog [note: this link will always point to the latest stable version available].

Many new features has been tested in latest beta builds and now are available:

 v4.4 - Jan 03 2015
[x] configurable downloads queue
[x] option to invert dashboard's entries click menus
[x] auto-resume downloads paused due to network failure
[x] new FFmpeg build targeting non-NEON CPUs (i.e. Tegra devices)
[x] ability to send logcat to the developer via email
[x] added Croatian, Indonesian (WIP) and Norwegian (WIP) translations
[x] fixed dashboard rename with existing filename (thanks m0d)
[x] back-button going through all tabs now as optional
[x] new FFmpeg builds supporting Android L
[x] keep screen on if something is "in progress"

I postponed the addition of a couple of features (a “de-queue now” option for dashboard entries and a “resume-all” action into the dashboard’s sliding menu), to be able to push this version sooner; I’ll add them later on, in a future 4.4.1 version.

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