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YTD v4.4 Beta-8

Latest development changes are available in this new beta: to minimize the issue regarding the Andriod system closing YTD while downloading in background, now the screen will remain on as long as the user keeps the app to the front. In addition, I improved the send logcat feature.

As always, download the apk in YTD enabling its [preference]/blog/2014-07-15/new-beta-program-again/), or grab the apk from [link removed – old beta].


 v4.4-beta-8 - Nov 23 2014
[x] configurable downloads queue
[x] option to invert dashboard's entries click menus
[x] auto-resume downloads paused due to network failure
[x] new FFmpeg build targeting non-NEON CPUs (i.e. Tegra devices)
[x] ability to send logcat to the developer via email
[x] added Croatian, Indonesian (WIP) and Norwegian (WIP) translations
[x] fixed dashboard rename with existing filename (thanks m0d)
[x] back-button going through all tabs now as optional
[x] new FFmpeg builds supporting Android L
[x] keep screen on when anything is "in progress"

Still something to do, for a final stable version 4.4:

  • a “dequeue now” option for dashboard entries;
  • better downloads auto-resume and auto-queue on app start / “resume-all” function into the sliding menu.

And further down the road:

  • Kitkat sdcard workaround / Lollipop new sdcard access feature;
  • …and many other things.

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