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Setting Downloads Destination Folder in YTD

Now that I implemented the send log to developer option, almost all logs were about one only issue: the notorious KitKat “feature” (…more a bug, actually) thanks to which an app can’t be granted with the permission to write files on the external (removable) sdcard. This happens on a certain number of stock ROMs.

As of now (if you are affected by this bug), for YTD to work properly downloading your preferred videos, you need to choose your device’s internal memory storage as downloads destination folder.

Other possibilities are available:

  • transfer files between your device’s storages with your PC, while it’s connected via USB;
  • install a custom ROM (i.e. the great Cyanogenmod that has been patched and does not suffer from this issue);
  • or if you already have root on your device, there are alternative ways as one via the [Xposed framework] and one of its modules.

For your reference, a couple of links on this matter:

Update: As antekone commented below, a workaround to continue using anyway the download destination on the removable sdcard, would be to choose the directory:


…or to create there a subdirectory directly from the YTD’s file manager (viewable when you open the custom download destination setting).
The only drawback would be that you will loose all of your downloads if you uninstall YTD. So, move your own files before uninstalling or …do not uninstall at all! ;)

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