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YTD v4.4 Beta-6

A new beta for YouTube Downloader is available for download through the app itself, enabling the [proper preference]/blog/2014-07-15/new-beta-program-again/), or downloading directly the apk from v4.4-beta-6.apk [link removed – old beta]

Please share any idea commenting below or join the discussion [over XDA]

The changelog is the one from the previous beta:

 v4.4-beta-5 - Jul 22 2014
[x] configurable downloads queue
[x] option to invert dashboard's entries click menus
[x] auto-resume downloads paused due to network failure
[x] new FFmpeg build targeting non-NEON CPUs (i.e. Tegra devices)
[x] ability to send logcat to the developer via email
[x] added Croatian, Indonesian (WIP) and Norwegian (WIP) translations
[x] fixed dashboard rename with existing filename (thanks m0d)

It just integrates the patch from the stable v4.3.2, addressing another issue with encrypted signature videos.

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