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Beta by Crashlytics

The informations below are no more valid. See …

I’m launching a new closed beta program for YouTube Downloader It has been developed by Crashlytics; they are the same smart guys that build the library I use in YTD to report errors and force-close events. It’s really well done and functional: I can deploy new builds addressing specific issues directly to the beta testers and I can release frequently new versions, because all is integrated into the development environment. Other than that, as all their site and UIs in general, it looks awesome.

beta by Crashlytics - partial screenshot

Basically, this is how it works:

  • who’s interested can send me a PM on XDA with his/her email address (or a direct mail, if you already know it [hint: PayPal];
  • I’ll send the invitation to this address (unless the necessary number, type, etc. of testers has been reach);
  • you open the email and follow the instructions to install the “Beta” app; it’s not a YTD beta, but an app by Crashlytics that works as dashboard to launch all the beta apps you are subscribed to; including YTD.

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