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YTD v4.4 Beta

I have a new beta for YTD with a couple of new features that I played with today.

[x] configurable downloads queue
preliminary to the playlist download, "Oorah!"

[x] option to invert dashboard's entries click menus
simple stuff: this will invert the behavior of single-click 
menu and long-press menu on dashboard items
  • BUG: There’s a problem is with the “Auto” default entry for the preference “simultaneous downloads” (see image below). Change it to a numeric value (1 <–> 10) before downloading anything: [FIXED: use v4.4 beta-2].

Some notes:

  • FFmpeg’s download is excluded from the queuing system (will always start)
  • reducing the simultaneous downloads will NOT move any task from “in progress” to “queued” state
  • increasing the simultaneous downloads will accordingly move, from “queued” to “in progress”, the required number of tasks
  • known issue: for the moment, for two-steps downloads as 1080p and 480p, after downloading the video only, the task will be (erroneously) considered “completed” and the next download in queue will fire. I hope to fix this later implementing some sort of priority for the AO stream download.

[Download link removed – old beta].

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