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YTD v4.3

YouTube Downloader version 4.3 is available from this blog [note: this link will always point to the latest stable version available]; External stores have been also updated.

This version contains a lot of new features and improvements. Among others, downloading certain videos (i.e. from the Vevo channel) now works again.


  v4.3 - Jun 20 2014
 [x] encrypted signature patch (8) (thanks gantt
 [x] search results sorting dialog (into the sliding menu)
 [x] search field history suggestions
 [x] new progress bars
 [x] better light theme
 [x] app reload upon language or theme change fix
 [x] file-chooser theme fix
 [x] send via SSH re-enabled for videos with encrypted signatures
 [x] support for 2160P and 1440p WebM VO streams
 [x] clear dashboard brute-force (delete also files paused/in progress)

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