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YTD v4.1

YouTube Downloader version 4.1 is already available (after a fast transition through v4.0).


 v4.1 - Apr 29 2014
[x] light theme fixed / theme-chooser restored
[x] default ID3 tags for direct-mp3 downloads (mrdoug\'s idea)
[x] edit mp3\'s ID3 tags option into Dashboard

 v4.0 - Apr 27 2014
[x] new UI
[x] integrated search
[x] direct 1080p, 480p and mp3 downloads
[x] grab direct-mp3's quality from the Auto-extract audio setting (dafnis' idea)
[x] improved/fixed scraping
[x] Thai  and Japanese translation (as WIP)

search by keywords formats available for download dashboard for file management

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