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How to 'Mux' (Combine Audio and Video) With YTD...

…and have back 1080p or higher resolution.

To be able to enjoy the 1080p and higher YouTube video resolutions, I added the Dashboard/FFmpeg feature to MUX (merge) a video-only and an audio-only streams into a single complete video.

A note: screenshots are outdated; they come from the old interface. Usage it’s almost the same.


  • enable the Get secondary streams preference;
  • go share a video to YTD;
  • click to download the desired VO (Video Only) stream AND an AO (Audio Only) stream;
  • choose compatible ones: mp4 + m4a OR webm + ogg)

After downloads completion:

  • click on the VO video into the Dashboard;
  • select the Add audio stream (already downloaded) entry;
  • follow instructions to download the latest FFmpeg build [if not already downloaded];
  • click OK;
  • wait for completion.

select the VO stream select entry confirm

A complete video should be avaiable to be opened from the Dashboard, tagged with MUX.

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