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YTD v2.0 Development

The development of YTD version 2.0 is slowly coming to the end!

Today I finished the implementation of BugSense to keep track of application’s Crashes from the next version’s user base, and finally I added a progress bar into the notification for the FFmpeg audio jobs in progress.


…from the latest commits logs:

  • implemented BugSense (
  • added progressBar for FFmpeg jobs
  • moved FFmpeg jobs to own thread
  • new screenshots
  • changed README builder
  • improved error handling for FFmpeg process
  • implemented “remove video” pref
  • tutorials to own menu; audio extraction tutorial entry
  • finished sound/vibration/flash notification option
  • fix FC with no audio extraction enabled (due to NullPointer for the audioConfirm checkbox)
  • starting work for ring/vibration/flash notification setting
  • fixed media scan
  • reorganized code credits
  • adding confirmation dialog checkbox for audio jobs

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