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YTD v5.5 Beta 3

On the way towards the next version of this app (…that probably needs to be bumped to v6.0… but read on), a new Beta it’s ready.

I think I finished bringing support for HDR and age restricted videos:

  • HDR videos in this app are some sort of an advanced feature: to find them, you have to try a video actually containing them (try searching for keywords like “4k”, “HDR” and such) and you also have to activate the secondary streams from the app’s settings: in fact, they are not provided as full videos (audio+video streams), but they are video-only formats that needs to be muxed with a compatible audio stream, to have a complete video. For more info, please refer to the blog post here. Screenshots are from a very old version, but the procedure it’s the same.
  • In regards to the age restricted videos: they are what was previously not supported by this app; they are some videos available on YouTube that require the user to login (to verify his/her age) to be viewed. There’s a workaround to download them anyway. In YTD, before downloading them, there’s a warning popup asking for confirmation (because their content may be inappropriate for some users).

I also worked on many new minor aspects and fixed a bunch of bugs. I.e., I’m sorry that who’s on the latest v5.4.1 and android Oreo (API 26), will experience a crash when updating from the app’s preferences, due to a change in the latest version of android that I didn’t take into account. This is fixed in this beta. The same applies for the app’s notifications: now they work also under Oreo.

There’s also a new, slightly modified, app’s icon, implementing the new type of adaptive icons when running Oreo. Here it is (…although I’m still not sure I want to keep it):
YouTube Downloader for Android - new adaptive icon
Main credits to Sam Plane, who did the icon in the first place (released under the CC BY-NC-ND).
I only modified it a little bit, with his permission.

Other details in the Changelog below:

 v5.5 Beta 3 - Mar 21 2018
[x] support for age restricted videos
[x] support for HDR videos
[x] get rid of underscores in filenames
[x] don't show advertising links in search
[x] fixed notifications for android O+
[x] adaptive icon for android O+
[x] language change now works also for android N+
[x] drop support for android ICS (API 14/15)
[x] many translations updated (thanks XDA folks!)
[x] various maintenance fixes

Please, keep in mind this is a beta version and might be unstable (that means, it may crash while using it; nothing more), because probably I changed too many things under the hood at the same time; I know, bad developing habit… But I couldn’t resist. This is way next stable version will probably be a v6.0.

To update, you can use the app’s update feature (enabling beta updates, into preferences), or just grab the apk from here: v5.5 beta 3 [link removed – old beta]

I would like also to thank one more time all the guys from the XDA Translator’s thread that recently updated and reviewed many languages at

You did an amazing job!

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