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YTD v4.5 Beta-2

In regards to the Latest Search Issues, a new fixed version is almost done; in the meantime, there was a beta version to test the new search feature available only over the XDA forum’s beta thread:

Now I’m releasing a second BETA and it’s available through the app’s settings (update section).

If you want to download and test it, remember to switch ON the preference activating beta updates, otherwise it will not be visible and downloadable.

This is the latest changelog:

 v4.5 Beta-2 - May 21 2015
[x] new and working integrated search (with filters menu)
[x] Bulgarian and Romanian translations (as WIP), many other updated
[x] do not try to download purchasable videos
[x] wrap extracted aac audio-only into an m4a container
[x] many libraries updated (OkHttp added)
[x] better error handling during update check

Original Link:
If you want to reprint it, please do under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0